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As our name implies, our goal is to publish the real truth, which means that most of the projects we have a part in publishing through our primary imprint have a spiritual element to them. However, our editing, writing, web-content, seo-copywriting, commercial copywriting, and consultation services are available to authors, businesses, and clients of many different streams of society.

We believe “Truth” is defined as and in the Word of God published in the sixty-six books of closed canon known as the Holy Bible.

You will find here on this site a cornucopia of information about the high-quality professional writing, editing, and publishing services we provide at affordable rates generally far below industry standards. You will also find here the Real Truth Blog, containing many articles and commentary posts. Use the navigation links on the right sidebar to go wherever you want on the site.

In addition to the RTP publishing division we also offer full service writing and editing services. Click here to see the services we offer.

Do you have a book manuscript you’ve written, that needs professional editing to improve its readability and marketability?

Are you a minister, teacher, life-coach, motivational speaker, politician, professional, scientist, or researcher with a special word, message, or teaching…or a Christian with an unusual testimony you want to publish, but need professional help with getting it into print or audio book form?

Well, that’s where we can help!

Real Truth Publications can help you with any kind of writing, editing, and publishing need you may have, including audiobook production, with professionalism, accuracy, speed, and at very competitive rates.

While many other publishing houses and choices exist, none of them have more knowledge and understanding of the special nuances and needs of the Christian publishing business, especially the Charismatic niche, in particular.

The publishing services we provide include: Project editing, Production editing, Developmental editing, Technical editing, Permissions editing, Copyediting, Fact checking, Proofediting, Information design, Page Design, Layout Design, Cover Design. You could say what we are is “BOOK DOCTORS” (indeed what we do is sometimes called that in the industry).

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We have connections!
Not only do we have the knowledge and expertise to publish your manuscript as a world-class publication, but we can also help you get the finished product, either as a published book or a manuscript placed with a major Christian publishing house, if the message meets the criteria of the types of books they are looking for and you want to go the route of selling the publishing rights for your book to a publishing house as opposed to self-publishing it (even though with self-publishing you retain a much greater proportion of all revenues).

In as little as 30 days, depending on the status of your manuscript and work needed to make it ready for publication, we can have your book published and copies in your hands to sell through your own ministry, and available for ordering by some 25,000 bookstores and online booksellers such as Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, as well as thousands of libraries through their normal distributors, in any quantity right down to a single unit. The revolutionary wonder of Print-On-Demand digital printing technology has changed the publishing world forever, making “short run,” or small-quantity publishing, financially feasible and granting to virtually everyone the opportunity of self-publishing!

No longer is the fate of your book idea or manuscript solely in the hands of a publishing house editor who does not understand or properly value the message or moral of your book, not to mention your dreams.

Neither is the obstacle of needing thousands and thousands of dollars to fund an intial printing of thousands of books to make the retail price feasible an obstacle. Once your book is digitized and submitted to the digital library of our production-distributor partner — the largest in the world — you and booksellers around the world can order whatever quantity you or they desire. So, no longer do you have to warehouse a huge inventory of books in your garage or the warehouse of a professional order fulfillment company.

We can even help you with some aspects of your self-marketing campaign, once your book is released for distribution.

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Publish Your Life Legacy!
One of our publishing divisions, Life-Legacy Publishing, is dedicated to working with those who have a desire to publish their or their loved one’s life legacy (aka, memoirs) to preserve their memory and celebrate their life for posterity! Our Life-Legacy projects are published in both print and digital E-book formats. We can also produce your book as an audio-book.

So now Real Truth Publications can provide ALL the writing, editing, and publishing services you need to get your book produced and distributed…PROFESSIONALLY AND QUICKLY!

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Contact us today to request info about our rates or with your questions!

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