Query Submission

Query Submission

Do you have a book project or some other kind of writing project you’re looking for help with?

If so, this is the place you can submit a query to give us the initial information we need to take a look at the project to see if we can help. This form will not answer every question we might have, but it is a start.

Once we receive the form, we’ll give your project a look and then get back to you to let you know if and how we think we can help. Then, you can take it from there in deciding if you want to pursue the matter further with us.

The professional writing, editing, and publishing services we provide are of the highest quality and generally at rates far below industry standard, but there are many choices available in this arena and we just cannot help with every sort of writing project. But, if your project fits within our criteria, we’ll do our best to work something out with you. We’re eager and ready to help with worthy projects.

So complete and submit the form and we’ll be happy to take a good look at your project. We’ll respond as soon as possible!

We hope you have already visited our Services Page as well as the All About Ghostwriting Page. If not, we encourage you to do so before submitting this form, as those pages provide a lot of information about what we do and will likely answer a lot of your questions about writing, ghostwriting, editing, and the publishing services we offer and what all is entailed in each of those kinds of service.

Script Setup Specifications

Before you submit a manuscript, please ensure that it is configured to the following specifications, which are basically according to the industry standard. Doing so may require that you reformat your existing script and save it as a different version with a different file name. You may submit PDFs for evaluation/critique purposes, but to perform editing/writing services, we will need the MS-Word version of scripts. For MS-Word scripts, paragraph styles must be set using the style-set function; do not use tabs or manual paragraph spacing via multiple “enter” key strokes. Scripts not in compliance with these specifications are not acceptable for editing/writing purposes. If you want us to reformat a non-compliant script, we can do so at the rate of $1 per script page, which must be paid in advance.

  • Page size: 8.5 x 11 inch
  • Margins: one-inch margins all-around;
  • Font: Times New Roman: Body 12pt; chapter titles 14pt; chapter ID 16pt;
  • Paragraph styles: Body block (flush-left, no indent), Quotes half-inch indent left & right;
  • Paragraph leading (spacing between paragraphs): 24pt;
  • Line Spacing (all styles): Double;
  • Sentence spacing (space after periods, exclamation & question marks), except last sentence of paragraph: one (1) space;
  • Chapter start: new page;
  • Foot notes method: per page (bottom, with one-inch underscore separator), consecutive numbering per chapter (restart numbering at “1” for each chapter);
  • Page numbering: Top-Right at one-half inch from top of page;
  • Chapter Running-Header: Top Left at one-half inch from top of page;
  • TOC: Chapter number & title only, no page numbers.

Please complete the form below to submit a query regarding a book you want to publish.

Book Query Submission Form
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Check all that apply. Documents need not be final/complete for the purposes of this query.

Check all that apply. See "Services" page for explanation of available RTP Publishing Services. Selections may be changed later.

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Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are submitting more than one document [eg., manuscript, notes, outline,cover], please compile them into a .ZIP file and upload the .ZIP file.

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